Monday, 25 March 2013

Different Types of Power Transformers - Shakti Electronics

Transformer is a machine that is utilized to convert the power from one circuit from some other. These transformers have a very important necessity by industrial, residential and professional people. A vast gain in the power installed capacity of developed and increasing nations and strong need for more electrical power to power growing commercial and manufacturing areas is enhancing the need for such transformers.

It is the essential element of transmitting and distribution systems, so these are predictable to build with highest stability. This is a device which demands maintenance and care to operate and manage. Apart from this ongoing supervising is also needed. This supervising contains sensor development, data research and gaining, development of links between failing and measure.

Now days there are various kinds of transformers are available to match various types of requirements of all the appliances and electric accessories. These are:

: - Toroidal transformers

: - Step up transformers

: - Step down transformers

: - Distribution Transformer

: - Single phase transformers

: - Two phase transformers

: - Three Phase transformer transformers

: - High voltage transformers

: - Low voltage transformers

: - Substation transformers

: - Super low amorphous transformers

: - Switchgear transformers

: - Isolation Transformer

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